SurfMii Privacy Policy

SurfMii Promotions Pvt. Ltd. is committed to safeguarding its users’ privacy. We request all our users to read the following ‘privacy policy’ to understand how their personal & business information will be treated, as they make full use of our services to their benefit. This policy is applicable only to the entire network of marketplaces operated by SurfMii and not by any other company.

Collection of Information

SURFMII collects information from its users when they register to gain access to our services or at other specific instances when they are requested to provide us with their personal & business information. During registration, we ask the users for their name, email address, business information and other personal details. Once a user registers, he/she is no longer anonymous to SurfMii and it is deemed that the user has given SURFMII the right to publish the desired business & personal details throughout its marketplaces, including but not limited to, business directory, trade leads, catalogs etc.

When you are on our network and are asked for personal information, you are sharing the information with SURFMII alone, unless it is specifically stated otherwise. Promotions that run on our network may be sponsored by companies other than SURFMII or may be co-sponsored by SURFMII. Some or all data collected during a promotion may be shared with the sponsor. However, you can decide not to participate in the promotion if you don’t want your data to be shared.

We also gather usage statistics such as pages viewed, number of unique visitors, browser software, screen resolution etc. for analysis that helps us provide you improved user experience and services.

Use of Personal & Business Information by SurfMii

SurfMii is one of India’s No.1 Business Directory that has promoted local businesses & making authentic information of service providers on multiple Platform. Your user identity information will be kept confidential and will be used for our research, marketing, and strategic client analysis objectives and other internal business purposes only.

SurfMii’s primary goal in collecting personal or public information is to provide the user with a customized experience on our network of sites. This includes personalized services, interactive communication and other services, most of which are completely free and remaining are paid. Business information is used to display the user’s business listing or product offerings across our network to fetch maximum business opportunities for the user.

We do not sell or rent personal information except that in case you are a user of our need fulfillment services, your personal information shall be shared with SurfMii’s customers / advertisers / Visitors and you shall be deemed to have given consent to the same.

As is common in the industry, SurfMii uses the technology of cookies and site log files to monitor user registration, to recognise registered members when they revisit the site and to track site usage. Our ability to identify you as a registered member allows us to customise the SurfMii experience and to protect your personal information based on your account settings.

Further, SurfMii’s customers / advertisers / need providers/clients/visitors who are listed with us, may call you, based on the query or enquiry that you make with us, enquiring about any:

  • Need provider / product / service
  • Product / service of any customer / advertiser / need provider
  • Product / Service of any particular customer / advertiser / need provider


Sharing of information with third parties

SurfMii takes your privacy very seriously. However, there may be times when we need to disclose your personal information to third parties.

SurfMii reserves the right to share recordings of all phone calls made between:

  • any user and SurfMii;
  • any service provider and SurfMii;
  • any user and service provider of SurfMii through UVN

To legal, accounting or other advisors that provide professional services and / or who assists us in training, quality monitoring and quality enhancement of our services to the user and / or service providers. You hereby grant your irrevocable consent to SurfMii to share such call recordings to third parties for such purposes. You further disclaim and / or abandon any right to sue SurfMii in relation to the same. Such third parties shall be bound by strict confidentiality agreements which limit their use of such information.

SurfMii further reserves the right to share / sell some or all of your personal information with another business entity in the event it plans to merge with, or be acquired by that business entity, re-organize, amalgamate or restructure its business. If such a transaction occurs, that other business entity or the new entity formed as a result of such transaction will be required to follow this Privacy Policy with respect to your personal information. You have no objection and are deemed to have waived all objections in relation to the same for the fullest enjoyment of the services.

The third parties with which SurfMii shares your personal information shall be bound by strict confidentiality agreements which limit their use of such information. In addition, SurfMii may share your information to send direct mailers or complimentary coupons / offers to a mailing agency to process postal mailing. Again, such an agency would be bound by strict confidentiality agreements that limit their use of such information

Policy on abuse

SurfMii is committed to ensuring and enforcing a safe and friendly online community space for all our members. To this effect, we have come up with a policy on abuse that we would like all our members to be aware of. These rules govern the use of this Platform and its product / service offerings and we would like all our members to cooperate in complying with these rules so that everyone can have a pleasant experience.

Copyrighted material

Uploading copies of copyrighted material as a whole or in part on without explicit permission from the copyright owner shall be deemed to infringe on the copyright and this applies to materials such as text, images, music, product, services, and other information in digital and analog format. reserves the right to immediately delete such material without prior permission / consultation from the member. If you suspect that an image submitted to is copyright protected and has been used fraudulently, please contact us immediately or send us an email to member relations.

Safety guidelines

The Platform is always reaching out to a wider audience by showcasing the best of our clients contributions. However, in doing so, we will not allow to be uploaded anything on the site that we think could be potentially endangering or is inflammatory or embarrassing to our customers. It also helps visitors to be aware of certain things in the interest of their safety.

  • All members are responsible for the safety of their personal information. We recommend that members do not disclose their names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information online.
  • All members need to be aware that when they upload their photos on the Platform, the photos are not only visible to the entire internet community but can also be downloaded, since any image that can be displayed on a computer screen can be saved by the person viewing it. It is technically not possible to prevent this and hence SurfMii cannot be held liable in such cases. If you are worried about someone else viewing or saving your images then please do not submit them.
  • Do not post chain letters, promote pyramid schemes or recruit members for any network marketing or multilevel marketing businesses.
  • Do not recruit members to join another website forum or chat group, whether personal or otherwise. If you have a suggestion for a new forum, please contact us.
  • SurfMii encourages healthy discussion on the topics that members contribute to in forums and where relevant, members are allowed to post links to their content. However, overt promotion of, or inappropriate links to other known commercial websites on any forum are not permitted and will be removed. If you are unsure whether a link or a posting is allowed, please send your queries to member relations. The definition of an appropriate link is one that is relevant to both the posting and the forum topic. A commercial site is considered as one which promotes a product or service for a price or for other consideration that suggests it is a for-profit business.


Grievance Officer

In keeping with the provisions prescribed in the Information Technology Act 2000 and Rules made there under and as amended from time to time, any queries regards Privacy policies please drop a mail at

SurfMii Management Software Privacy Policy


1.1. Intelligent SurfMii Support (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider” and/or “we” and/or “our” and/or “us”) may collect from you (hereinafter referred to as “you” and/or “your” and/or the “user”), as user of the web site www. and/or the (sub)website (each and any of them hereinafter referred to as the „website” or the “site”) and/or of the SurfMii Smart Management Software (hereinafter referred to as the “SurfMii Solution” and/or the “Solution), use or otherwise process different (personal) data and/or information (hereinafter referred to as the “information”), provided by you with the occasion of creating any account (the ”account” ) and/or paying any license fees for the Solution (the “license fees“) and/or using the Solution and/or using the site and/or otherwise, as the case may be.

1.2. We respect your need for online privacy and protect any information that you may provide, in an appropriate manner. Our practice with respect to use or otherwise process of your information is as set forth in this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the „Privacy Policy”).

1.3. your information are protected according to the legal regulations in force for confidentiality, security of data processing and protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

1.4. By using the Solution and/or any update and/or any parts thereof and/or by pressing any acceptance and/or agreeing button and/or by creating any account in order to perform the registration process and/or by providing any information, in relation with the Solution and/or the website, you expressly, unequivocal and unconditionally agree with the processing, by the Provider, of any information (including personal data having a function of general applicability for identification) given/provided by you with such occasion(s) (including without limitation when creating any account and/or paying any license fees and/or using the Solution and/or provided otherwise, as the case may be), for the purposes of licensing and/or using the Solution and execute the license agreement for the Solution (the “license agreement”), in order to provide you any (requested) information and/or services, settlement of any claims and/or requests, for any other purposes for which the information were provided, for informing you about the situation of the account, for advertising, marketing and publicity, in order to create, develop, operate, deliver, and improve our services, content and advertising, and for loss prevention and anti-fraud purposes, during the period you have an account, during the entire period that you are a user of the Solution, and also after such periods, to the maximum extent permitted by the legal regulations in force, as the case may be, and that you will receive unsolicited communications, by using some automated systems of communications that require no intervention of a human operator, by fax or electronic post or any other method, including the ones using electronic communications systems for the public, for advertising, marketing and publicity.You can opt out anytime regarding receiving communications for advertising, marketing and publicity.

1.5. The refusal to supply some information may lead to the impossibility of (fully) using the Solution and/or of some specifications of the Solution and/or the website.

1.6. You have all the rights mentioned in the mandatory legal regulations in force regarding (personal) data processing.

1.7. All the users’ rights regarding the persons’ protection in relation to the personal data processing and the free circulation of these data are respected (for example the right to information, to access their own data, to intervene on the data, the opposition right, the right not to be subject of an individual decision, as well as the right to address in court of justice). To exercise these rights, the users must sent to the Provider a written request, through recommended letter with confirmation of receipt, except otherwise required by the law or otherwise permitted by the license agreement (if permitted by email, shall be used the email mentioned on the website).

1.8. Upon your request we will confirm you, free of charge, for a request per year, if we process or not your personal data and we will rectify, update, block, delete or transform in anonym data, free of charge, the data whose processing is not according to the provisions of the legal regulations in force, mainly the incomplete or not accurate data. The user has the right to oppose at any moment, due to grounded and legit reasons related to his particular situation, that the information about him to be subject of a processing, except for the case when there are contrary legal provisions.

1.9. The above mentioned rights may also be exercised otherwise according to the mandatory legal regulations in force.

1.10. We may disclose your information if we are required by law to do so or if you violate the license agreement.

1.11. You also expressly acknowledge and agree that the Provider may distribute the Solution or provide different services through different partners and/or may require that different payments of the license fees to be made in the accounts of different partners and (as a consequence) such partners may have access to different information and may use such information for the purpose of executing the license agreement and/or provide different services and/or for (fiscal) purposes related to the license fees and/or otherwise, according with the legal regulations in force.

1.12. As a general rule, the partners used by us will collect, use and disclose and/or otherwise your information to the extent necessary to allow them to perform the services they provide to us. However, certain third-party partners, such as payment gateways and other payment transaction processors, have their own privacy policies in respect to the information we are required to provide to them for your transactions. For these partners, you must read and agree their privacy policies so you can understand the manner in which your personal information will be handled by these partners. In particular, remember that certain partners may be located in or have facilities that are located in a different jurisdiction than either you or us. So if you elect to proceed with a transaction that involves the services of a partner, then your information may become subject to the laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which that partner or its facilities are located.

1.13. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites and/or any third parties and you must read and agree with their privacy statements.

1.14. The Provider shall use reasonable endeavor’s to protect your personal information and he will follow industry best practices to make sure it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed.

1.15. Different pages from the website may contain external links. We are not liable for the manner of use or misuse of information made available to/by you at/on such other websites.